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  • Live Video and Whatsapp Classes

    Live classes 4 days a week      covering every topic of Quants from basic to advanced level.

  • Unique Concept Videos

    Access to unique concept videos for QA and LRDI covering all the tough topics which have been frequently asked in exams. Videos can be watched any no of times and are valid for a year.

  • Timed Sectional Mocks

    It is a topic wise quiz consisting of 10-15 questions with varying levels of difficulty, designed to prepare you for the worst case senario.

  • Complete Study Material

    After the completion of each topic, handout will be given consisting of problems on varied levels of difficulty.

  • Rapid Fire Sessions

    It is a topic wise quiz consisting of 10 questions to be organized on weekly basis in whatsapp group. After the quiz, top 3 ranks will also be given. Active participation in these sessions help students in enhancing there speed of solving questions during actual exams.

  •  Video Classes for VARC

    Video based practice sessions on 100+ Rcs, Parajumbles, Para Summary etc to help you ace the VARC Section of CAT/XAT.

  • Unconventional Tricks

    You will be added to separate whatsapp group named as "QA Tricks". All the shortcuts and tricks will be posted in this group on frequent basis. It will help you in increasing your score drastically.

  • 24x7 Doubt clearing Facility

    Separate whatsapp group for doubt clearing. Post your doubts from any study material and get the solution within few hours.

Why us?

1. Personalised attention given to each candidate due to limited batch size of 50 students only!
2. Doubt clearing even in late night hours by directly pinging the faculty via whatsapp
3. Flexibility to revise whatsapp classes lectures at your own pace.
4. Economical price of Courses
5. Video Lectures provided for both Qa and LRDI covering tough concepts

6. Live VARC Classes by one of the best faculty

7. Videos can be watched any no of times

8. More than 10000 questions for Practice through Mocks

450+ Enrollments and Counting!


CAT Results

Sarthak Shah

CAT QA: 98.44%tile

Over the years we have seen CAT Quant becoming a bit speed based test. At 3D learning the tricks are good which can help save time and easily boost your percentile.


CAT QA: 98.44%tile

3d-learning has been very helpful in my cat preparation,lot of tricky topics were explained well in the concept videos and the whats app classes were handy to refer the concepts whenever I felt it was necessary.

Sindhu Singh

CAT QA: 97.99%tile

LRDI: 95.05%tile

I had enrolled for QA and DILR course offered by 3D Learning Academy in the year 2018.

 These are the some of the features that benefited me a lot:

Course completed by May/June. Joined second batch. Ample time to revise and practice questions. Shortcuts were useful to gain speed in mocks. 

● 24x7 whatsapp support. I am a bit nocturnal. I would ping Shivam at night 2 or even late. To my surprise I used to get response. 

●Emotional support. To help you analyse one’s mocks, college selection or any thing that you need assistance on. Shivam is always there to help and support you. Also the batch size is quite low to get individual attention.


CAT QA: 97.88%tile

The QA course was tailor-made in such a way that, it covered the entire syllabus from basics up-to the complex problems covering the entire syllabus. We get the videos with numerous examples to understand the concept better. I would highly recommend the course as there will be a seperate whatsapp group wherein our queries  will be entertained.


CAT QA: 97.80%tile

It was a great learning experience for me. Especially attention given to every individual was quite unique. I learnt from and taught to many other students as well. It was a superb experience!


CAT QA: 97.67%tile

3d-learning (Quants) were really helpful during cat. Tricky concepts that came in aimcats were actually few short tricks that have been explained in the concept videos. Instead of searching proof of concept and every trick that came in handy, i just had to refer to whats app notes. Good work shivam

Sai Manikanta

CAT QA: 97.57%tile

I am a student of Shivam for Quants. Shivam always posts good questions from past mocks and past exams and also explains in new methods. Whenever I pinged him for any doubt, he always responded immediately and provided solution for my doubts. Especially videos by Shivam are very much useful and approach is very new. 


CAT QA: 97%tile

I had relatively good experience in 3D I was working so I was not able to attend regular class programs.. 3 d learning quant classes helped me a lot. Shivam sir was available even at 2 am to solve doubts..this helped me to score 70%tile in CAT 2016 to 97%in quant CAT 2017


CAT QA: 96.91%tile

I have enrolled for 3D learning classes last year. Shivam explains all the concepts in lucid manner till everyone understands with relevant examples. He covers all the concepts from basic to advanced level. He clears all the doubts even at the odd hours. His explanation videos come handy in understanding a lot of concepts. As classes will be on WhatsApp even you miss a class you can through it and clarify your doubts anytime. As he keeps posting questions from all the Mocks ,you all get access to questions from all the mocks at one place. Quality coaching at nominal price.

As said, Action speaks louder than words!

Here are the results!

Cat 17 Qa: 70%tile

Cat 18 Qa: 96.91%tile


CAT QA: 95.95%tile

I was a student of Shivam sir for cat 18 quants. So I could see a lot of improvement in my score

CAT 17 Qa: 87%tile

CAT 18 Qa: 95.95%tile

 Apart from that It also helped me in developing  conceptual understanding of quants. Guys the best part of 3D learning course is that personalised attention is given to everyone, wherein you can clarify your doubts any time. By anytime I mean 24/7. Yes Shivam sir will respond to your query ASAP and will clarify your doubt. And the quiz sessions every week and the video explanations given by sir will be very helpful in getting the concepts cleared. Quality online course at economical price.

Vineeth Sai

CAT QA: 95.5%tile

The MBA season of 2017 was not a good one for me. I couldn't clear any exam due to no proper strategy and lack of grip on the basics.

In 2018, I started brushing up my basics and then joined 3D Learning Academy's Quant course. It helped me to brush up my basics and eventually do well in the mocks.

Here is the result:

CAT 17 Qa: 68%tile

CAT 18 Qa: 95.5%tile

The what's app classes were very convenient. I always made up notes and also could refer them anytime and anywhere when I dint have a book with me. Since all the formulas and tricks were at one place, revision right before the exam becomes very easy.


CAT QA: 94.5%tile

I enrolled for Quant crash course from 3D learning and I would like to review the course for you all

Before that, here is the result
Cat 17 QA - 55%ile
CAT 18 QA - 94.5%ile

The main problem that I was facing a month before cat exam was lack of practice. Therefore, I took the demo class by Shivam sir and subsequently joined the crash course. I was scoring anywhere around 70-80 %ile in my mocks then.
With the course there were videos for clearing fundamentals and there were topic wise hand out. The videos were comprehensive and handouts were  vast, covering almost every possible question that might pop up in the exam.

Who can be benefited from the course?

The one who needs personal guidance while preparing should definitely opt for the course as Shivam sir himself takes the messages from the students.
Also the students who are okay with basics and needs practice will be benefited from the course as a variety of questions are covered in WhatsApp classes, handouts and quizzes.

Our Achievements


Questions Solved


Happy Students


Doubts Cleared

List of some Top Performers

QA Top Scorers

Nikhil Garg - 98.66%tileSarthak Shah - 98.44%tile
Bharadwaja -98.44%tileJagannath - 97.88%tile
Bijayeta - 97.67%tile Sai Manikanta -97.57%tile
Sonam Jain - 97%tile Karthik -97%tile
Kamal Taunk - 95.57%tileSarvesh Rawat - 95%tile
Shashank -93.14%tileSprith Shrivastava -91%tile

NMAT 2018 Results (Till Window 4)

Sai Krishnan T224
Ramalingam Karthik P222
P. Sai Vineeth217
Saksham Ravi212

VARC Scorers

 Aman Kumar - 99.78%tileJyotishman Mudiar - 99.7%tile
 SL Narayan 99.71%tile%tileSourav Bikash Satapathy 99.6%tile
Nikhil Aggarwal 99.58%tileAbhishek Jha 99.58%tile
Arush Kapoor 99.55%tileRoshan Raheja 99.51%tile
Bijay Sharma 99.37%tilePrateek Gupta 99.31%tile
Kalpit jain 99.02%tileParul Goyal 99.02%tile

  • What is 3D Learning Academy?

    3D Learning Academy is an online coaching for CAT which helps students prepare for MBA entrance exam by conducting live classes through Whatsapp and provides  unique concept videos for tough concepts. Currently 3D Learning Academy provides 4 Courses which are as follows:

    1. Quantitative Aptitude Course

    2. Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation Course

    3. Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension Course

    4. CAT Full Course (QA+LRDI+VARC)

  • There are many online coachings available, Why should I join 3D Learning Academy?

    The USP of 3D Learning Academy is personalised attention given to each candidate due to small batch size of max 50 students. Here you get the flexibility to ask your doubts even in wee hours by directly pinging the faculty via whatsapp. This is impractical in coachings with huge batch size. Apart from that since classes runs on whatsapp so you are never going to miss any class. As you can anytime refer to the notes and ask your doubts later. Apart from that you also get access to unique concept videos under student dashboard, those videos can be watched multiple times.

  • Whatsapp Classes is a new concept for me. How classes gets conducted in Whatsapp?

    Live Whatsapp classes gets conducted only for QA.  LRDI and VARC are  video based.

    It is very simple process

    First a concept is posted,  students go through it. Then  1 - 2 questions are posted based on it. Then they try for 2 3 minutes, then I give solution. (Audio.sol too if required) then next concept and so on...

    There will be 3 whatsapp groups.

    1 Regular Class
    1 Qa Tricks
    1-Doubts/Mocks discussion

    In Regular Class,
    We will have broadly four groups

    2-Geometry, Mensuration,Coordinate

    So the beauty of whatsapp class is you can revise anytime at your own pace. 
    Students find it helpful as you can go through notes even in office hours or while commuting.

    Note: You also get access to 80 unique concept videos which covers tough concepts

  • Will I get access to study material and mock tests for practice?

    Yes, regular practice is a key to success in cracking any entrance exam. You will be provided with chapterwise handouts after the completion of each topic. Additionally, Study material consisting of 200 MRQ (Mock Replica Questions) will also be provided. Apart from that around 150 sectional tests will also be provided for each section (QA+LRDI+VA).  Past years papers in the form of mocks will be provided as well.

  • As I am from Non Engineering background, So I am weak  in Maths. Will this online course sufficient to crack CAT?

    Yes, Definitely. 3D Learning's Quants course is designed in such a way keeping in mind the increasing appearance of  non engineers in CAT. Each and every topic starts from zero level and goes till XAT level. We prepare our students for one notch higher than expected so as to make them prepare for the worst case senario.





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